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Name:Kevin Thompson ᴬ.ᴷ.ᴬ. Kilgrave
Birthdate:Apr 18
Location:Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States of America

"I once told a man to go screw himself. Can you even imagine?"

Born in a nondescript area of England (and moved to Manchester before the age of ten) to Albert and Louise Thompson, Kevin was affected at a young age by a neurodegenerative disorder that would have left him brain dead by the age of twelve. His only hope of survival was an experimental treatment that was being developed at a university hospital in Manchester and, in desperation, Kevin's parents volunteered him for the procedure.

The treatment that followed was barbaric to say the least. It is suggested that he spent some number of years at this facility, where he was forced to undergo many different kinds of experiments and procedures, from neurological tests, tests for hand-eye co-ordination, to painful cerebral biopsies, each of which was performed several times a day. He wasn't allowed interaction with the other subjects, most of whom were young children, at the facility (this may have contributed to his disdain towards children later in life). In fact, his only regular contact was with the doctors who experimented on him and his parents, for whom he started to develop a deep resentment.

But for all the success of the experiments – Kevin wasn't rendered brain dead by the age of twelve – there were severe consequences as a result of them, not the least of which was Kevin's sociopathy and general lack of conscience. After being exposed to a virus, Kevin developed the ability to control people's minds. All of his suggestions and commands, every whim, simply started to come true, all he had to do was say a few words. Ignorant of what had been done to him at such a young age, Kevin was quick to take advantage of his new abilities.

At the age of ten, when he was living at home with his parents once again, in a fit of rage he commanded his mother to press a hot iron to her face, which left her with a permanent scar. Realizing that Kevin was out of their control, his parents fled in fear of him and left him behind. He was alone in the world, forced to beg strangers to feed and clothe him and it was then that his resentment of his parents deepened. He would spend the next thirty years of his life trying to track them down, with the intention of punishing them for abandoning him when he'd needed them most.

When he arrived in New York as an adult, he assumed the name Kilgrave, where he lived a life of privilege and luxury by taking anything he wanted from anyone who was unlucky enough to cross his path. He has a taste for fine wine, food and women and has everyone about him bend over backwards (not literally, though he could make it happen) to fulfil his every desire.

( role-play journal for the character of Kevin Thompson ᴬ.ᴷ.ᴬ. KILGRAVE, as he appears in the 2015 Netflix series, Jessica Jones. This is going to be a tricky character to play to say the least so, for more info, please see this permissions post!)

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