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Kilgrave can control anyone. That's kind of what he's all about and, without that looming over everyone's heads, he doesn't really have that much to offer (except maybe a bit of creepy charm and some witty repartee. And Britishisms. Let's not forget about those). That said, my intention isn't to go around godmodding every single character on Dreamwidth, as much as Kilgrave would love that. So this is more to get your permission than for you to get to know mine, since I'll do pretty much anything to my characters for the sake of my own amusement. I'm a bit like Kilgrave that way. 

So, basically, just let me know! If you're not interested in having Kilgrave influence your character? That's absolutely cool, there are plenty of work arounds for that, nothing that a few well chosen words on his part can't fix. Maybe your character is immune to Kilgrave's influence? That's cool too! Just drop me a note here or, if you prefer, a PM and Kilgrave will be suitably surprised when you tell him to fuck off out of your face.

Of course, if you decide that your character is susceptible to Kilgrave and that it's something you want to see play out to its final conclusion (whatever that may be) but there's a limit as to how far you're prepared to go, please get in touch and let me know and we'll avoid letting them get in too deep. And it goes without saying that, before any command or suggestion is made by Kilgrave, especially if it's their first time meeting, I'll be flooding your inbox with messages to ask what is and what isn't okay. 

Speaking of Kilgrave's powers, he does have his limits. His abilities only work in person (because it's basically a virus that infects the people around him that causes them to be compelled to do as he says) so any other form of communication doesn't work. You also have to close enough for it to affect you and be able to hear what he's telling you to do. There's also a limit to the amount of time Kilgrave's abilities can affect you, which Jessica Jones has calculated to be about ten to twelve hours, give or take. After that, you have to be in direct contact with Kilgrave again for his commands to matter (which an intelligent person would probably avoid). 

TL;DR: Basically, my default position with Kilgrave is that, generally speaking, he won't use his power on your muse. He'll be carefully picking and choosing his words to avoid any slip ups... unless your muse is asking for it :3. In which case, we'll chat and see what works.  


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